The Last Templar

When an ancient, holy mission gets personal.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Stage: Resting

Goal: TBD

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Valentine doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Nearly a millennia ago, he was cursed to walk the world as a glorified janitor.

What else would you call a person who sends demonic filth back to their muggy hell hole? An exorcist?


Point is: a millennia ago, a demon named Legion killed his little girl and he aims to get even.

Project History

I started this project in March with only a premise, but didn’t write anything down until I was sure about what I wanted. This meant a ton of research! I spent a few months perusing libraries and reading academic articles on the knights Templar before I was confident enough to start writing down ideas.

Why I bother

I think I just a have thing for flawed characters. Valentine always battles with the image he’s suppose to project, as weapon of righteous weapon of justice, and his own selfish agenda.

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