The Dark Below

A witch, a curse, and a rescue mission

Genre: Supernatural MG

Stage: Resting

Goal: TBD

Check my progress


With her family growing apart, her parents decides to take everyone on a camping trip. “It’s good for bonding,” was their explanation.

The only time the children get any peace is when they’re swimming in the large lake. One day, her brother swims out to an island in the lake’s center where he discovers a deep hole…

…And they’re both pulled into it.

Project History

Dark Below, like most of my surreal ideas, came to me in a dream—and not the happy go lucky kind! It was a freaky nightmare that had my heart racing when I woke up.

It blossomed into a story after I got over the terror factor.

I started the rough draft during April 2014 Camp NaNoWriMo and finished in July. It was called Lantern back then, but people kept asking me if I was writing a Green Lantern fanfic so I changed the name

Why I bother

I like writing about creepy things in this story: grotesque monsters, dark places, gremlins! But, most of all, it’s about testing family bounds.

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