I’m an Inspiring Blogger…Really? Sweet!

So I woke up this morning, like most people do in the morning, and stalked into the kitchen. Snatched a mug off the shelf, filled it to the brim with sugar and drizzled coffee on top. I knew that I needed to work on my Camp NaNo project but I thought:

Meh. Going on wordpress and deliberately procrastinating sounds so much better.

So I did and then–


Taylor Grace nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

It took me a moment to come to grips with this. Partly because my potent pancake syrup (aka coffee) was causing my brain to move faster than a herd of horses, cheetahs, leopards, and [insert fast animal] put together!

But once I eventually came to the realization that I’d been complemented…

“Honest, gutsy writer who tells it like it is and has a fantastic sense of humor.”

– Taylor Grace

I felt…well complemented!

I mean Inspiring Blogger? Holy crap!


So the rules are:

  1. The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on her/his blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.
  2. The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

I love simple instructions…I really do. Well here are fifteen bloggers that have inspired me in someway (this was very hard to narrow down btw).

They are:

  1. Books and Bark 
  2. Carol J Forrester 
  3. Wordy and Nerdy
  4. Tyro Charm
  5. Rachael Carrera
  6. Lynette Noni
  7. Vik Tory Arch
  8. A Writer’s Life For Me
  9. Caffe Maggieato
  10. Damyanti
  11. Raevenly Writes
  12. Leonie Rogers
  13. Victoria Grefer
  14. Ripples of Truth
  15. Lady of the Pen


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