Current W.I.P Status

So what’s the latest?

I occasionally update this page , detailing the progress I’ve made with my W.I.Ps. Use the links on the left to skip to a title or just scroll through.

The Dark Below

July 2014

Finished the first draft! Yay.

April 2014

Started writing the first draft. Failed miserably.

Early 2014 or before

Had a creepy nightmare that nearly gave me a heart attack. Wrote it down.

Drowning in Your Sins

November 2018

I’m thinking of turning this into a serial here on the blog.

March 2018

I feel a new story brewing. Did a few freewrites.

The Last Templar


Finished the draft last week and am now reading through the work. Plot holes…plot holes everywhere!


I just finished outlining the story and am ready to dive into the drafting phase. I hope I can get it done within the week!


Just finished the rough outline. I’m fine tuning it now. I’ll be able to start drafting it soon. YAY!


Using July’s Camp NaNoWriMo to work on this project.


Writing down my first ideas and worldbuilding.


Started working on the project. I can feel the ideas incubating! Love that new project smell.



My current NaNoWriMo project. It will also be the focus even after.


Prepping this project for NaNo 2019. Recently renamed it “Retaliate” instead of “Retaliation.” Check out the NaNo Page!!


I’ve decided to make this project my priority this year. I’ve made headway on the plot holes mentioned in the previous note. The plan is start another improved and focused draft in March.


Things are going smoothly! I’m still filling in some plot holes in the overall story and will start another redraft. My attention is divided between this one and other demanding projects. Ugh…


At the moment, I’m working on some edits on the world building level and will implement them during May—June 2017.

Sometime in 2012

Started the project and went through A TON of redrafts.

Warrior’s Ruin


Just received responses from alpha readers. Woo, I got work to do!


Gave copies to alpha readers. Awaiting response.

Before 2017

Got the idea and spent a ton of time writing multiple drafts.