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I launched a newsletter + a free ebook!

I’ve wanted to launch this newsletter since the moment I created my blog. Email lists are pivotal for authors / aspiring authors to not only gain some creative freedom and control over their careers, but to build closer connections to those who actually love their work.

Every Bit of Me

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming ebook, Musings from Rock Bottom. Details are below! Every bit of meWants to believe weAre real, that inOur silences, a chord,Silvery, binds us together.Unseen but felt, remindingUs that we areKindred souls in loveFated to be byGod or whatever forceThat put us here. Every bit of meWants to …


She dragged her knife against rigged metal, grating its edge to a sharp point. Well, she thought, turning to her victim subdued in the kitchen chair. His new girlfriend is welcomed to my leftovers.