Drowning in Your Sins

Her happily ever after turned into her personal hell

Genre: Thriller | Romance | Urban

Stage: Drafting

Goal: TBD

Check my progress


Chole, a young artist trying to find her place in the world, expected her life to turn out differently. One day, after a year of working a dead-end job and failing to start her artistic career, she suffers a mental breakdown and runs away from her life.

That’s when she meets him. The answer to her dreams.

But that was before Chole learned her “happily ever after” is a kingpin’s attack dog and witnessed one of his gruesome murders. Now she’s a liability and she doubts love with weather this storm.

Project History

In an attempt to inject creativity into my life, I challenged myself to freewrite everyday during July Camp NaNoWriMo 2018. Two characters continued to pop up for me and I became interested in turning their story into a serial.

Note: As of this moment, Drowning in Your Sins is still being developed. Look for future updates!

Why I bother

Most people have this silly notion that when they meet the love of their life, everything suddenly rights themselves. That’s not how life works. What if the love of your life actually turns out to be your worst nightmare?

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