Drowning in Your Sins

Her happily ever after turned into her personal hell


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Chloe, a struggling writer, stifles her ambitions. She works in a job she hates filled with backstabbing coworkers and a narcissistic boss in order to provide for her dysfunctional family. When Chloe loses her job, she suffers a mental breakdown and escapes two cities over with the intention to hit the reset button on her life.

She meets the mysterious Beck, falls in love, and is happy for a time. That is until Beck’s dangerous career and shady past not only threatens Chloe’s life, but also the lives of the family she tried to escape.

Some Background

In an attempt to inject creativity into my life, I challenged myself to freewrite everyday during July Camp NaNoWriMo 2018. Chloe and Beck frequented my journals at that time, albeit under different names.

My freewriting sessions have no rules, and I don’t ever link entries together. They’re all often standalones; however, I noticed a plot string between each of the entries. If I arranged the entries juuuuust right and added a little bit here… and some there.. and wittle more over there… or just scrap it all and start from the top – I could turn this into a full blown novel. So that’s what I did 🙂

I didn’t spend NaNoWriMo 2020 writing, but more so plotting the story out. I have an outline (which is out of my usual routine as I do identify as a pantser). Right now I’m putting meat on the outline’s bones by flushing out the characters and making everything more dynamic. I believe this will be my project for 2021.

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