Dude, What Happened to You?!

So there I was finishing my last writing assignment for the week. After slapping on some finishing touches and glancing over my wording to make sure it was “Desiree Authentic,” I felt odd. Empty. Alone.

A tumbleweed would’ve complement my emotional state perfectly.

Yeah, like that! Thanks, Internet!

Then my Inner Voice spoke out…

INNER VOICE: You do realize its been weeks since you visited your blog. Right?


What rhymes with knowledge but gives you head tumors? College. Which is also the reason behind my absence.

At the beginning of the semester I knew I was going to have to sacrifice a ton of time in order to keep up with my studies. But I had NO IDEA it would take up so much time. Not to mention that I’m only juggling a third of my actual course load.

However, as odd as this next bit may sound, I enjoy studying. The awesome part about college is that you can study what you like (within certain parameters). I like my writing, so, I study the craft. In fact, my classes are pushing me to be more creative.

So, to all those who were wondering, I’m alive!


What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?

NaNo Over a Stein, Week Two

The first week of Camp NaNo is usually the week where I tear my hair out.

Let me restate that: I would have torn my hair out if my stomach flu didn’t sap all the energy out of me.

While we’re on the subject, let me just say that my 4th of July sucked. Why? Because I didn’t have an appetite for ANYTHING…not even buttery dinner rolls! I never would’ve imagined the day I’d turn down a calorie filled dinner roll…

But that’s life for you.

I WAS behind on my NaNo novel.

But after downing two glasses of coffee I sorta went postal on the keyboard…

I was typing so fast that my courser started to lag…

Today I feel like this:

Work imagination! Work!!!!!

Guess I need more coffee?

So yeah that was my week.


Hands you a stein.

Relax, it’s safe.

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