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Desiree S. Brown is a poet and speculative fiction author. She has contributed to magazines like Redrosethorns and blogs like NaNoWriMo. She lives in Stockton, California with her family and can often be found snuggling her children, reading, or both.

Long Bio

I hated reading and writing.

Prepubescent me thought sitting quietly in a comfy chair reading text on cream colored paper was an awful way to spend an afternoon. And writing? A dull activity I preformed at school.

…until my parents found out.

My mother, a Baptist, restricted my weekend to reading the bible and writing a report on what I read. In fact, it’s all I could do and I got desperate! I started writing my own stories: folklore inspired fantasies, spicy romances, thrillers—you name it!

Today, I live in sunny California with my husband and two kids. I write whatever fiction comes to mind with a preference for speculative. I also dabble in poetry. My writing can be found in literary magazines like Redrosethorns, on blogs like The NaNoWriMo Blog, on this website free to you, and other places online.

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