I launched a newsletter + a free ebook!

Hey guys!

Today I launched my monthly newsletter and a free ebook for new subscribers.

I’ve wanted to launch this newsletter since the moment I created my blog. Email lists are pivotal for authors / aspiring authors to not only gain some creative freedom and control over their careers, but to build closer connections to those who actually love their work.

I plan to turn this author thing into something I can be proud of. However, that requires me to grow beyond the limitations other platforms place on me.

So why should you subscribe?

With my monthly newsletter you’ll…

  • be the first to know about anything going on
  • get first dibs on preorders, deals, ARCs, and giveaways
  • get Musings from Rock Bottom as a special thank you
  • and so much more!

What’s this about a free ebook?

Musings from Rock Bottom is a newsletter exclusive ebook gifted to new subscribers. It’s a collection of select poems and flash fictions from the blog. ALSO the ebook features two exclusive pieces including my short story, The Plummet.

Check out these beautiful pages (plus another except of The Plummet):

If I’ve piqued your interest, I would be super super super duper duper happy if you joined my mailing list. In return you’ll receive exclusive monthly content, priority updates, and an exclusive ebook!

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