Life Assignment

I stepped into a sterile glass box that whirled as it carried me into the computerized brain of the Ancient One. Red lights ran the length of my body, gathering data for the algorithm that would determine my life’s purpose or, as the Ancient called it, Life Assignment.

A disembodied voice told me this was the day I’d truly begin living my life, but what the machine considered living…wasn’t living at all.

Written for: Sonya’s Three Line Tales, Week 106, Only 100 Words

Are we already doing this in our daily lives? It may not be a machine controlling us, but some authority figure, idea, responsibility and etc.. Can we truly say we’re living the lives we’ve chosen?

…or did I just have way too much coffee this morning? Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for reading my fiction and poems this past week. Your comments and likes are always received with love!

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