Shadows In the City of Light

In the City of Light, there was one
Whose warm, gentle luminance made her
The epitome of all that was good.

But then her admirers noticed she possessed
Something that no one in the City of Light
Should have: a shadow. A flaw.

No longer was she a symbol of purity,
But an object of disgust. So, her beloved
Admirers turned their backs on her.

As they walked away, she noticed dark voids
Trailing behind each of them that her light–
Now an object of disgust–couldn’t illuminate.

“Shadows,” she realized with some disbelief.
“Shadows as dark as mine.”

Written for: Patrick Jennings’ Shadow ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #125, Pix to Words

5 Replies to “Shadows In the City of Light”

  1. <smile> A favourite aphorism of mine: That which you despise in others, repair in yourself.

    Seems her former admirers could do with a little of that.

    More than that, I hope she comes to understand how beautiful her shadow is. 😉

    Lovely post. And one of the few (very welcome) words-only replies to the challenge.

    1. I was afraid my themes weren’t clear enough, but you’ve just proved me wrong. Thanks for the thoughtful reply and hosting the challenge! 🙂

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