My Letter to Fear

Dear Fear,

You’ve always been there for me. Always made sure I was safe. Always kept me alive. Always looked out for me.

…Until the day I dreamt.

 I’m done letting you control me.

Remember that day? When I had the audacity to believe I could be more. When I thought I could spend my days bathing in my creativity. When I was stupid enough–your words, not mine–to believe I could actually become a self-sufficient writer.


You ought to. You poisoned that dream with paranoia, paralyzed me from achieving it and, worst of all, brought me down when I showed the slightest inclination to defying you.

Guess what? I’m done letting you control me.

I’m not completely abandoning you (you’re necessary to some degree), but I’m limiting your influence on my dream. You will try and stop me, but this time…you’re not winning.


A Dreamer


Picture: Person Sitting On Couch via Pixabay

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    1. Thanks for the awesome comment and reblog! I wanted to share my letter here just in case anyone else is struggling with fear like I was. I guess it’s my way of saying “you’re not alone.”

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