Brush Lettered Friday #2

Last week, I said I wanted to share my brush lettered art with you every Friday. Today’s artwork is a quote that asks:

Have you made art today?


It’s from Seth Godin’s self-help book for creatives: The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? I first saw it in a video by Joanna Penn where she discussed how she created a daily writing habit.  The question was so profound to her that she drew it out on a piece of paper and showed it off in the video.

I remember pausing the video and asking myself, “Hmm….have I made art today?”

In my opinion, this is a powerful question for writers–or any creative–who are serious about turning their crafts into a career. After all, becoming a full-time author isn’t something that magically happens.

So my fellow creatives, have you made art today?

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