Freewrite 11: Disconnect and Write

You’d figure she’d get a headache…

Quick! Grab a pen and paper.

Got it? Now distance yourself from every piece of technology in your home (cellphones, laptops, TV, teleportation devices, laser guns, etc). If it’s not deterimental to your health, leave it! I personally suggest that you take a field trip into the backyard or a local park.

Distanced? Great.

Get cozy. Write for fifteen minutes.


The point of this Freewriting exercise is to pull you away from all distractions (twitter, facebook, email, texting, your blog, so on) forcing you to do one thing: Write. Be hard on yourself! Don’t go back into your home or pick up any piece of tech until you’ve written something.

What should you write about? That’s your choice.


Freewrite #11 Goals:

  1. Get away from technology. (Go in the backyard, park, coffee shop—somewhere!)
  2. Write for fifteen minutes. (I suggest using a pencil and notepad)
  3. Don’t censor / edit yourself.


Once you’re done pat yourself on the back. You’ve just done one of the hardest things for a writer to do. If you want to share what you wrote on your blog—FANSTATIC! If not, let me know how this experience helped (or did not help) you in the comments. Good luck!

22 Replies to “Freewrite 11: Disconnect and Write”

  1. Ack sorry for not commenting for like a month! This sounds good. 🙂 Technology takes me so out of the story. “Hey I forgot this guy’s name, let me go look it up on my Google Document… HEY LOOK TWITTER!!!” 😀

    Will definitely be doing this (if I ever get time)

    1. Lol! I find myself doing this too (which is how I came up with this freewrite)! Don’t worry about the commenting since I’ve been a bit busy too and haven’t visited your blog. Sorry 🙁

  2. Y’know, I do believe that I’ll be doing this over this coming weekend- I need to find more time to sit down and actually work on my novel!

    *whispers* pssst sorry for being so inactive in commenting on all your lovely blog posts, I’m very behind on reading things oops

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