NaNo Over a Stein, Week Two

The first week of Camp NaNo is usually the week where I tear my hair out.

Let me restate that: I would have torn my hair out if my stomach flu didn’t sap all the energy out of me.

While we’re on the subject, let me just say that my 4th of July sucked. Why? Because I didn’t have an appetite for ANYTHING…not even buttery dinner rolls! I never would’ve imagined the day I’d turn down a calorie filled dinner roll…

But that’s life for you.

I WAS behind on my NaNo novel.

But after downing two glasses of coffee I sorta went postal on the keyboard…

I was typing so fast that my courser started to lag…


Today I feel like this:

Work imagination! Work!!!!!

Guess I need more coffee?

So yeah that was my week.


Hands you a stein.

Relax, it’s safe.

More or less

21 Replies to “NaNo Over a Stein, Week Two”

  1. Holy moly, that’s some serious progress there! That’s what I’m aiming to do tonight with my novel, I’m currently about 7000 words behind 😛

    Also, I feel the need to mention that I absolutely love your gif/image usage like seriously it is fantastic.

      1. ATLA is truly fantastic. Have you watched LoK? I don’t think it’s as good as the original but it’s still a pretty darn good continuation of the series.

        Thanks, I’m gonna need it x’D I most certainly will be loading up on the caffeine tonight.

        1. Oh I’m a fan of LoK! I’m enjoying where season 3 is going! You’re right it’s not like the original but I think it has its own charm.

            1. I don’t want to spoil anything for you…but the writer’s have taken the franchise and a whole new direction in season three. It’s awesome!

      1. You can! It’s all about sitting down and dedicating yourself to putting something/anything on the screen. 🙂 (Almost like freewriting)

        1. I have some chapters written on my paper, and I try to put it into the computer. It takes ssoooo much time…
          When I write in laptop, it’s so fast and easy.
          But I can’t have laptop on all the time….like the time when I am about to snooze, the idea pops up and I just use good ol’ paper and pen.

          1. Sometimes I revert to the basics when i don’t have my lappy around. I keep a notebook or something I can log an idea into before I forget them. Like a notepad or a note app on my phone.

            1. It’s an idea.
              I just have a simple cell phone with bunch of key numbers only. No apps, no camera.
              It’s only useful to call and that’s it. Oh, and to see the time.

              1. Well you can always keep a pen and a small notepad in your pocket. I know how frustrating it is to forget an idea. Makes you want to run around in circles and scream at the world. (At least..that’s how I feel)

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