Goals for July

Guess what? Today is the end of the last full week of June. Which checklist1sucks because that also means there’s only one more month before I have to put my nose back to the grind.

Ugh…I guess you can’t get too comfortable, right?

But anyway, here’s what I accomplished in June:

  • I started posting 3 times a week again
  • I believe I’ve given the Tavern the special love and care it deserves
  • I did one book review. I planned to write two but I’m glad I did something.
  • I got back into writing my WIP again thanks to a Tuesday writing sprint on twitter


Here’s what I plan to do in July:

  • Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo
  • Finish my WIP during Camp NaNo
  • edit scifi WIP
  • Read Two books and write reviews on them
  • Register for classes

I’ve got a busy month ahead of me!

8 Replies to “Goals for July”

    1. I’m hoping that this Camp NaNo will be more successful than April’s (which is why I’m doing the same project over again). Good luck on your novella.

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