Freewrite #7: The World is Your Canvas

This week’s freewrite is a bit different than the other six. You are to go outside, find a subject, and write about it.

Maybe you’ll find a woman sitting on a bench who’s nervously observing the world around her. Why is she there, what is she thinking, and what is she looking for?

Perhaps you’ll notice graffiti on a wall. Who put it there and why?

The world is your canvas–go find something and write about it!

Remember: No editing. Just write!


You’ve got two weeks! Post it on your blog and leave a link in the comments.

*Last Prompt


8 Replies to “Freewrite #7: The World is Your Canvas”

      1. No no no–I’m not tired lol!

        I loved your responses to all the freewrites. Thanks for taking the time to do them (and future ones…if you want). They come up every two weeks on Wednesdays so keep an eye out. 🙂

        Anyway, loved the memoir. I really cherish my family too and I feel awkward when I’m not around them. And…just between you and me…I think they feel the same way.


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