On Your Marks…Get Set…#WritingSprint!

Relay_RunnerThis Tuesday night, I’m going to be participating in a writing sprint on twitter!

What’s a writing sprint?

I’ll let Winter Bayne explain it:

“First, word sprints are short allotments of time where everyone works on their WIPs. At the end of the time, largest word count wins. Give each other some encouragement, grief, help with problems that arise and do it again until people start heading to sleep.”

Interested? Come join in on the fun!

Participants (and counting):

  •  @DEmeryBunn
  • @ebthompson93
  • @Sourcererblog
  • @DarlaGDenton
  • @winterbayne
  • @InkyTavern (me)

4 Replies to “On Your Marks…Get Set…#WritingSprint!”

  1. Hey thanks for stopping by! Anytime you wanna do one let us know. EB and I are almost always available at night (not me on weekends). I ended up with over 2k written!


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