Freewrite #4: Just Around the Corner…

Just around the corner…

What’s just around the corner??

Is it something tangible like a car, person, or stray puppy?

Maybe it’s something figurative like inspiration or danger?

Oh, the possibilities!

Your assignment is to write about that thing just around the corner. Let your imagination go and see where it takes you!

You’ve got two weeks! Post it on your blog and leave a link in the comments.

*Last Prompt: My Only Weapon is a Ballpoint Pen!!

14 Replies to “Freewrite #4: Just Around the Corner…”

  1. Okay…100 word short. WOW. Haven’t done one that short before. Sent you my 1500 word short. That is the smallest I’ve done. I like this prompt though. Let’s see if I can pull it off Winter Bayne style 😉

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