Cover Reveal: In Cold Blood by Mark Dawson

“Beatrix Rose was the most dangerous assassin in an off-the-books government kill squad until her former boss betrayed her. A decade later, she emerges from the Hong Kong underworld with payback on her mind. They gunned down her husband and kidnapped her daughter, and now the debt needs to be repaid. It’s a blood feud she didn’t start but she is going to finish.” (excerpt from Amazon)

It goes without saying that I enjoy to read Dawson’s work. Now, with it’s recent release, you’ll be able to enjoy this thrilling ride! You can read my review of In Cold Blood and The Cleaner (John Milton series) to get an idea of the franchise. Since these two series are related I suggest reading through the John Milton series before jumping into In Cold Blood.

Are you’re someone who enjoys gritty, bloody, and ruthless action coupled with revenge? Then this book will definitely keep you at the edge of your chair.

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