Camp NaNo Update: Is it Possible to Edit Nothing?

Last week I said to always find the time to write. But how much are you suppose to write? Should you write your entire quota of words? What if you can’t? Is that being lazy?

I mean…everything we do is drizzled with perfection! Every human on Earth had or has straight A’s. We are all star athletes. Heck, I’m next in line to be the President of the United States! Surely we are all flawless people who can always write our entire quota of words.


We aren’t perfect.

There will be those does where you can’t (or just don’t feel like) fulfilling your daily word quota. It just happens. However:

No words means that your story is going nowhere. Some words means that your story is going…somewhere.

Write! Even if it’s just 100 or 50 words. Make your story go somewhere.


Where has your story gone this week?

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7 Replies to “Camp NaNo Update: Is it Possible to Edit Nothing?”

  1. :p I passed 30K yesterday!
    btw, You have a spelling mistake that makes this post hard to read :p

    As to writing targets…. who cares?
    As long as you write something, that is all that counts.

    1. Exactly. As long as you are having fun writing is all that matters. Congrats on 30k (you’re way ahead of me)! Lastly, sorry about the mistake but I’m happy that you got the main idea regardless. 🙂

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